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According to the law, all metrological instruments must be periodically calibrated by an authorised body.

Our company has recently purchased a device that calibrates the aforementioned type of instruments (blood pressure monitors and oscillometers), Electro Service being among the first companies in the region to hold such a device. We are currently working on acquiring the required authorisations and thus will soon be able to issue certificates approved by the Romanian Metrology.

On BP Pump 2

The BP Pump 2 is a Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Monitor (NIBPM) Analyzer that verifies all oscillometric adult and neonatal non-invasive BP monitors quickly and accurately. The BP Pump 2 incorporates the latest technology to test today's most advanced BP monitors.

The BP Pump 2's unique, expanded feature set includes wrist-cuff simulations to accurately verify wrist-cuff monitors, internal cuffs to signal immediate problems in the cuff or monitor, and optional 5-lead synchronized ECG simulations allowing for spot checks on the ECG portion of the monitor.

Standard simulations and measurements include dynamic BP simulations, static pressure calibrations, automated leak testing, and high/low pressure relief verification.